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How to Save and Watch YouTube Video Offline on Smart TV?

The OTT platform YouTube is still the most preferred in the world for video streaming. YouTube has the highest popularity due to various reasons. In addition to mobile and desktop, you can easily stream YouTube on Smart TV.

The video you have downloaded on YouTube allows you to watch it in mobile and desktop even without internet. Just this feature was not available for YouTube TV. But not to worry, now this feature will also be for YouTube TV. How let’s know.

How to watch YouTube videos offline on TV

How to watch YouTube videos offline on TV

You may have noticed, if you used to download a YouTube video in your mobile app or desktop, you could later stream it without internet. But this feature was not on YouTube TV. But now soon these features are also being rolled out for YouTube TV. This means that after downloading the linked video from your YouTube or Google account, you will be able to watch it on TV even without internet.

Currently, smartphone users have to download a video first to watch it offline. At the same time, desktop users can download YouTube videos with the help of a third party (another website) downloader. That is why Smart TV users were also demanding similar features from YouTube for YouTube TV.

Keeping this in mind, YouTube added this feature with the update to version 5.06.2 of the YouTube TV app. As soon as YouTube TV Version 5.06.2 users open the app, a notification of “Looking for Incomplete downloads” will come on their screen as seen in the YouTube Mobile App and YouTube Music App.

How to Save and Watch a Video Offline?

After coming this feature, with the help of this, you will be able to enjoy your favorite video on your smart TV without internet. However, for this, first, you have to download the video already in online mode. You can enjoy this new version 5.06.2 by updating Android TV from Google Play Store.

After this feature comes, there will be an advantage by that saving your favorite show on mobile anytime, you can enjoy it comfortably in TV. You can also keep a collection in TV without memory.

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    I can save youtube videos on my smartphones by download to watch offline, but I don’t know how to save it on Smart TV. We are providing TV Installations and wall mounting in New York.


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