How To Viral YouTube Shorts Videos? 2023 BEST TIPS

YouTube is currently the largest video-sharing platform in the world. YouTube has more than 10 billion users in 2022. This number will continue to increase in the coming days. In addition to long videos, you can also share short videos in YouTube. The feature of shorts video sharing was launched by YouTube in 2020. In which videos ranging from 15 seconds to 60 seconds are added to the shorts video category. The channel can be grown very quickly through shorts videos and can earn a good amount. Just your shorts video should be viral. So in today’s article, we will know how to make YouTube shorts video viral?

Why is my YouTube Shorts Not Getting Views or Viral?

Many times it happens that we make videos very hard, but that video is not viral. Due to which the subscribers do not grow in the channel and do not earn anything. Due to which all the hard work goes in vain. There can be many reasons for a video not going viral. Like Title, Description, Trend Follow.

How to Viral Shorts Video on YouTube

How To Viral YouTube Shorts?

Google always shows videos on the interest of the user. Meaning, the type of video the user watches more, the same type of video comes in its shorts section. The same shorts videos are viral in YouTube which follow the YouTube algorithm and are made keeping in mind the user. YouTube is a huge platform, it has a huge user base. Similarly, there are many YouTube shorts video creators too. Meaning the competition is very high.The video of the same creator is viral, which is the best. You can make your video viral or rank by following the tips given below-

User Engagement – ​​These are the most important things to make YouTube shorts viral. User Engagement means user liking your video and watching that video in full. YouTube pays more attention to trending the video, which is being liked by the video user. Whenever a creator uploads shorts on YouTube, YouTube first transmits that video to some users.If users are watching and liking that video completely, then that video will become viral. If the video is being scrolled instantly, it will never go viral. So make the video such that people like it. Always create some suspense in the video.

Using the correct title description in the video – Many times people make such mistakes, that while uploading the video, they do not enter the title and description of the video correctly. Due to which the video does not come in the search. Always use the correct title description in the video.

Using Keywords – Keywords are very important in the world of internet. Using the right keywords, you can rank any post or video. For this, extract the related keywords of your content from most YouTube search and use more keywords in the title and decryption of your video. This will help in ranking the video.

Using #hashtag – Hashtag is very important for shorts videos. By using hashtag, the video comes in trending. Extract your video related hashtag and use it in the title description of the video. And don’t forget to write #shorts in all your shorts videos.

Video being interesting – People only watch videos which are funny, or have some correct information. Do not watch such useless videos which have no meaning. So make a little interesting video, which people like and your video gets likes. The more likes you get, the more the video will trend.

Video Editing – Always edit the video in good quality and properly. If you do not know editing, then first learn editing. Use great effects, take care of music, bright. This will help video to rank.

Follow the Trend – Always follow the trend. Always follow the trend to make your video viral. For this, you can watch YouTube trending and make videos on the same topic. After this use the #hashtag of the trending topic.

Learn more about Shorts

How do I record a Short?

To create a short video on YouTube:

  1. Sign in to the YouTube app.
  2. Tap create  and then  Create a Short.
  3. To make your Short longer than 15 seconds, tap 15 above the record button to record up to 60 seconds (60).

How will viewers find my short videos?

Right now, viewers may find your Shorts by tapping Shorts  at the bottom of the YouTube app. They may also find Shorts:

  • On the YouTube homepage.
  • In their notifications.
  • Checking their Subscriptions.
  • Featured on your channel homepage. Learn how to customize your channel layout.
  • Once they tap into a Short, viewers can scroll to watch more short videos.


What is the best time to post YouTube shorts?

According to a report, evening time is the best time to upload videos on YouTube. On the same Sunday morning time is good.

How to get youtube shorts views?

The more people your video reaches on YouTube, the more views you will get. You can enlarge the view of the video by following the above tips.

How long does it take for youtube shorts to go viral?

If the video is good, then the video becomes viral in a few hours.

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