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How to Make a MX TakaTak Video : Beginners Start Here

At present, shorts videos have a different craze. There are many platforms where you can share shorts videos and earn money as well. Among them there is a MX TakaTak app which is quite popular in India. This app has got more than 100 million downloads on Google Play Store. MX TakaTak is a free short video and social platform using which you can watch and share short entertainment videos. This app has been launched by MX Player. If you also want to share shorts video on MX TakaTak If you want to earn more money, then let’s go step by step guide (How to Create and Upload Short Videos on MX TakaTak)..

What is TakaTak? Know all about it

Ever since the Chinese app has been banned by the Indian government, especially TikTok users were looking for new TikTok alternatives. In such a situation, MX TakaTak was launched and completed the shortage of TikTok. MX TakaTak This is an Indian shorts video sharing app specially designed for Indian people. MX TakaTak App is made by an Indian company named MXP Media India. There are other apps from this company, such as MX Player. The server of this app is also located in India. So you don’t have to worry about privacy.

How to Use MX TakaTak

MX TakaTak is used for shorts video sharing. For this, first you have to download this app. Then you have to create an account in it. After this you can upload video in it, your talent video, funny video, acting video, gaming video and many types of videos. This app supports many languages ​​such as Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi and English.

Apart from this, many amazing features are available in this app, let’s know about those features.

MX TakaTak All Feature

1. Trending India hot videos: Here you can browse all trending hot, funny, amazing videos in just one swipe.

2. Nearby and Follow: You can see the video shared near you, as well as you can follow someone and watch his video.

3. Save and share status: Here you also get a lot of funny video status which you can download/save in your device as well as Up to 10,000 status videos to share.

4. Shoot and Edit: Users can very easily record their creative side, while editing them and making them very best can also be shared.

5. Beauty Cam: MX TakaTak comes with tons of great beauty effects and filters to help you create quality short videos.

6. Video Editor: Here you can also edit videos like video trimming, time adjusting, effects, combine two videos and also add music.

7. Photo Editor: Here you have also been given the feature of photo editing, with the help of which you can easily edit the clicked photo.

8. Music Library: Here you also get a music library in which you will see the fresh editor’s picks. It is absolutely free, which you can use in your videos.

9. Duet Video: Here you can duet with other user’s video. Meaning you can share your video with someone’s video.

How to Create Short Videos on MX TakaTak

Now know how to make and upload video in MX TakaTak :

#Step 1. First of all, MX TakaTak app has to be opened.

#Step 2. If you have not created an account in MX TakaTak, then first of all create an account and if you have created an account then login.

#Step 3. Now click on the “+” plus icon in the bottom navigation of this app.

#Step 4. As you click on Plus, then three options appear in front of you. In which – Effects, Record, Album.

#Step 5. If you want to record then click on red button (record) or if you want to share already recorded video then go to album and select video and click on next.

#Step 6. Here you will get many options to edit the video and add effects. After editing click on next.

#Step 7. Now here you have to enter the title and description of the video. Use hashtag below that there will be options of post or draft. If you want to post click on post or if you want to save it in draft click on draft. It’s done.

In this way you can share the video in MX TakaTak, (How to Make Video In MX TakaTak) if you have any question then ask in the comment below.

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