How to Use Mobile Data in Airplane Mode?

Do you know that you can use internet even after your phone is in Airplane mode.You may find it funny at first, but it is true that you can use your phone’s internet in the airplane mode too.

So let’s know,”How Can You Use Mobile Internet While Phone Is On Airplane Mode?”

After turning on the airplane mode, you will need to change some settings to use the net. So let’s know this trick step by step.

How Can You Use Mobile Internet While Phone Is On Airplane Mode?

Step 1). First of all enable the Airplane Mode on your mobile phone.

Step 2). The next thing you have to do is open the calls app (keypad) and type “*#*#4636#*#*” or “*#*#4838#*#*” (Vivo Smartphone).

As soon as you dial this number, you will see three options on the screen. Phone information1, Phone information2, Wifi information.

Step 3). If your phone has SIM card number 1 with internet data, then tap on phone information 1, otherwise, click on phone information 2. and a new page will open.

Step 4). Where you will find that the button opposite the mobile radio power is switched off. Turn it on.

Step 5). You will see a button at the bottom. Clicking on it will throw up some options, including one to enable data connection. By clicking on it, the internet will start on your mobile.

In case vivo brand smartphone it is slightly different. It is more simple than the other phone. Just enter the above code and click on phone information on the redirected page. Enable the “Mobile/Cellular Radio Power” option and that’s it you are done.

Please note – This method of using mobile internet on airplane mode can only be applied to android mobile phones.

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“How to use internet in airplane mode” If you have any questions, then ask in comments.

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  • Your code is not working in vivo y100a smart phone i have tried lot of time but it weast of my time pls share the correct information for all mobile model in vivo


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