What is Entrepreneurship? Definition, Types, Qualities Required

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Today, the way we work is changing dramatically, and the quality of human resources required by companies is changing. In this article, we will introduce “entrepreneurship,” which is attracting attention as a quality required of leaders in the new era.

Since the generalization of the Internet, the amount and speed of information has increased dramatically, and as a result, the business model itself has been force to change.

What is the meaning and definition of entrepreneurship?

First, I would like to explain the entrepreneurship that I have come to hear a lot recently. The etymology of the French word “Entrepreneur” originally meant an intermediary or a trader.

“Entrepreneurship” with a ship that means “mind” in the entrepreneur means an entrepreneurial spirit. Therefore, people who have the spirit of starting a business from scratch or who want to start a business in the future are call people with entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship refers to the behavioral principles and values ​​that are recognize by the term “entrepreneurship” in Western countries. Entrepreneurship is indispensable for active business people who start venture companies and start-up companies, and business schools in other countries are actively conducting education based on this spirit.

About three characteristics of entrepreneurship:

Entrepreneurship is a sense of value and way of thinking, not something that grows in the short term through education and training. Since it is relate to the human nature of the person, it said that it is a property that does not change throughout life.

There are roughly the following three features.

  • Strong sense of responsibility without blaming others

When something goes wrong, I tend to blame others and the environment for the cause.

Those who can grow positively by carefully finding out what they can change when they fail and not following the same rut may have an entrepreneurial spirit.

  • Be strict with yourself and do not compromise

Similar to 1, it is this property that you can consider where and how to fix yourself and what will work next, and you can objectively grasp how much ability you need.

Entrepreneurs are required to have a stance of being able to accurately measure the distance between their goals and the current situation and to systematically and strategically do what they need to do to fill that distance.

  • Trust others

It is impossible to start a business or start a new business by yourself.

It is important for entrepreneurship not only to rely on one’s own abilities, but also to have the ability to trust others to do the work.

Qualities required of an entrepreneur:

Entrepreneurs, who are expect to be leaders in the new era, are required to have several qualities at the same time. Therefore, I would like to introduce the qualities required of an entrepreneur.

  • Creativity / innovation

Entrepreneurs need creativity and innovation to create new value. For example, creativity is required to create new products and develop new markets by anticipating the times and social listening. In addition, not discouraged if it fails, a big success to seek independence and propulsion by the basis of the reflection is required at the same time.

  • Management ability

In order to connect new ideas to success, we need the ability to properly manage shared teams. With a well-managed entrepreneur as the leader, you have more momentum to drive new businesses and a greater chance of success.

Entrepreneurs are required to have a wide range of management abilities, such as the ability to inspire employees as leaders, the allocation of human resources to the right people in the right places, and the devising of management strategies to achieve their goals.

  • The spirit of continuing to learn

As entrepreneurs work on new businesses, they may also experience many failures. Entrepreneurs need the ability to reflect on the causes of failure and derive better ones, as well as the spirit of continuous learning.

Especially nowadays, new technologies tend to be outdated in five years. Leading entrepreneurs show employees the spirit of constant learning, which helps the entire team continue to grow.

Skills needed to harness entrepreneurship:

Conceptual skills are skills related to abstract thinking, and refer to the thinking ability to interpret one task as a highly general problem and the logical thinking ability to derive a method to close the distance from the current situation to the goal.

Human skills are the ability to process interpersonal relationships, including communication skills. This includes not only the sharing of opinions and attention to others, but the ability to negotiate in business negotiations.

Since the above skills are actively introduced as education and training in many companies, it is characterized by a low threshold to start in-house.


It is said that some country do not develop an entrepreneurial spirit compared to the rest of the world.

The reason is that people tend to be too reluctant to care about the public eye and refuse to give out individuals.

Recently, with the development of technology, it has become possible to obtain various information and acquire various abilities.

The number of student entrepreneurs has increased due to the ease of connection with the world, and entrepreneurship circles are even universities.

In the future, young people with a further entrepreneurial spirit will influence the world.

Throw away unnecessary customs and old practices and do new things so as not to lose to them.

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