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How to Charge Your Phone Battery the Right Way – Extend Life

Friends, in today’s time mobile phones are our best friends. There is only one mobile phone, which we carry with us all the time and give the most of the time. That’s why we should also take care of our mobile. In today’s article, we will know how to charge mobile in the right way. As the battery of the mobile is the most important part of the mobile. That’s why we should come to charge the mobile properly. This increases the battery life of the mobile. So let’s go..

In today’s time, smartphones are getting expensive and getting better and upgraded. Now better battery and better charging system are being given in them. Still, we must know the correct charging method. If you don’t know, we will tell you.

How to Charge Your Phone Battery the Right Way

Battery Charging Tips for phones

#1. Don’t wait for the battery to run down.

The very first tips to charge the mobile properly is to never put your phone on charge only after it is discharged to 0%. Many people are careless in charging. The phone does not charge until it is switched off by itself. But do you know that doing this has a great effect on the battery of the phone. If you want to maintain the battery life of your phone properly, then you should always put the phone in charging only after 15-20 percent battery is left. You can avoid side effects by charging the battery without draining it.

#2. Do not leave the phone on charge all night.

Many times people leave the smartphone on charging overnight. However, if you have a smartphone with the latest technology, then you do not have to worry about it. At the same time, if you have an old phone then you should not do this. In today’s time, such smartphones and chargers are coming in the market which automatically cut off the power when the battery is 100% charged.At the same time, when the smartphone’s battery comes to 96 percent, then charging starts again. But if you have an older phone, charging it overnight is likely to shorten your battery life a bit.

#3. Prevent your phone from overheating.

Most smartphones use lithium-ion batteries, which are dangerous if they overheat. The research and development team of Xolo suggests that you should protect your phone from direct sunlight. Leaving a mobile on the dashboard of a car while driving during the day is not without danger. Charging the phone should also be avoided while playing high graphics games. Due to these reasons the battery gets hot which is dangerous for the phone.Due to these reasons the battery gets hot which is dangerous for the phone. The optimum temperature for charging any mobile is 20 to 30 degree Celsius.

#4. Never charge the smartphone by placing it on electronic products.

Most electronics are hot when turned on and that heat can damage the smartphone. And also the phone gets hot while charging. Therefore, while charging the smartphone should never be placed near or above a microwave, refrigerator or any other electronic product.

#5. Do not use fake charger

One important thing that is to save the life of your battery is that you should never use a fake charger. An important suggestion from Xolo is to use the charger provided by the company to charge the phone. With the use of more than the optimum current set by the company, the charge retention capacity of the battery cells gradually decreases. Therefore, absolutely avoid using third party chargers for instant charging.

Many times people use such chargers which, the output voltage is not as per the support given in the smartphone. This not only damages the battery and may also cause an accident.

#6. Do not use the phone while charging

Avoid using the phone while charging. Technically this is called parasitic charging. Using the phone like this can prove to be very dangerous.Xolo says, “This puts pressure on the battery, due to which the battery is not able to reach the full charging cycle. As a result the battery gets damaged.” Apart from this, there are chances of getting too hot.

#7. Do not use third party apps for fast charging

Often people use fast charging app to charge their mobile quickly, which is a mistake. If ? your mobile does not support fast charging, then you should never use this type of app. This can ruin the life of your mobile battery.

How to Properly Charge a Phone Battery – FAQ

If you have any question regarding mobile charging then you will get the answer here.

Q. How does the phone battery get damaged?

Ans – If you charge the phone with any other or local charger, then it can damage the battery of your phone. Therefore, use only the charger or original charger that comes with the phone.

Q. What happens if you charge repeatedly?

Ans – There is no difference in the life of the battery by putting the mobile on charge again and again. Rather, it increases the battery life.

Q. Symptoms of mobile battery failure

Ans – If your battery is bloating or the battery backup is getting very less then it means thrat your battery is getting damaged.

Q. Can I use another charger to charge my mobile?

Ans- Yes absolutely you can. But this charger should be an original charger and should get the output voltage.

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