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What is Hipi? How to Earn Money from Hipi App

HiPi App is a recently launched short video sharing app, ever since TikTok has been banned in India, many short video sharing platforms have come up. If you are also looking for answers to questions like What is Hipi App? How to earn money from Hipi? How to Download Hipi? Hipi app Guide, Then I will tell you What is Hipi App and How to install Hipi app.

Hipi app complete guide

What is Hipi?

Hippy is a short video-sharing app that allows users to create and share short videos. It’s similar to other popular short-form video apps like TikTok and Instagram Reels. Hipi app has become a very popular application in today’s time. It has more than 10 million downloads in the Play Store. Hippy is available in India and other countries around the world.

How to Download Hipi App

To make videos and earn money in the Hipi app, you must first download it and create your account. Let’s know how to download Hipi app.

1). Go to Google play store and search “Hipi”

2). Now click on install, downloading will start.

3). Open it after installation and create your account.

How to Create Hipi Account?

Follow the steps given below and know How to Make Hipi Account. (To create an account in Hipi app, it is mandatory to have a mobile number or email account)

1). First of all open “Hipii App” on your phone

2). After opening the Hipi App, you continue by accepting the terms and search conditions.

3). Now choose your preferred language.

4). After selecting the language, you have to type your email id. If you want, you can also give mobile number.

5). Verify OTP.

6). After this you have to create your password.

7). Now you have to select your Profile name or User name.

8). Now you have to give information about yourself, like your date of birth and nickname etc.

9). Now your account is created and ready. Can share video by login.

How to Make Money From Hipi App?

If you want to earn money from Hipi, it is very easy. There are many ways to make money from hippies. One way is to participate in the Hippie Stars program. The Hippie Stars program is a creator monetization program that allows creators to earn money by creating and sharing popular videos with other users. The way YouTube shorts or instagram reels give an opportunity to earn money, in the same way you can earn money here too. Additionally, there are several ways creators can make money with hipi, including:

1). Brand sponsorships: Creators can partner with brands to create sponsored content. Creators receive a commission when users view or interact with sponsored content. But to earn money from sponsorship, you need to have a good number of followers. Because only after becoming famous, most companies give their products to promote. Once you get followers, you can make great earning.

2). In-app purchases (Gift): If people like your video, they will also gift you. Creators get a share of the revenue from in-app purchases. Many creators also earn a lot from gifts.

3). Ad revenue: Hipi shows ads on its platform. Creators get a share of the revenue generated from these ads. Just for this your page monetization should be approved.

4). Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn money from social media. For this, create your Affiliate account in an app like amazon or flipkart and give the product link there in the description of your video. Whenever someone clicks on that link and purchases the product, you will get a commission.

5). Promote Other Account: You can also earn money by promoting other’s account. New creators also do their account paid promotion to become popular. If you have good followers, then people will contact you and promote your account. Just you have to give that person’s profile on your account and after that your followers will start following that person and in return you can take a lot of money from that person.

How much money can be earned from Hipi app?

There is no correct calculation, the more you work, the more money you can earn. Today many users on hipi are earning lakhs of rupees a month.

To earn money from Hipi, some rules have to be followed. Here are some tips for making money from hipi:

  • Create high-quality videos that are interesting and engaging.
  • Share your video on other social media and platforms.
  • Collaborate with other creators.
  • Participate in different contests and challenges.

So in this way you can earn money from Hipi app. If you have any question related to Hipi app then ask in the comment section below.

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