Top 10 Government (Public Sector) Banks in India 2020

India has one of the most strong banking and financial institutions network. These banks are divided in two categories- public banks and private bank. These are based on the revenue, total assets and branches. After bank merger the number of public sector bank has been reduced to 12 from 27. Let’s begin with the top 10 largest banks in india.

Top Public Bank in India List

Top Ten Public Sector Banks in India

#1. SBI (State Bank of India)

Here SBI stands for State Bank of India. It is the largest bank in india and world’s Biggest corporation. SBI has over 15000 branches all over India and has over 25000 ATM all over the country. Sbi has Revenue of 2.8 lakh crores INR and Total assets of 36.81 lakh crores INR and it also has 209,567 employees, which is largest number in india.

#2. PNB (Punjab National Bank)

PNB stands for Punjab National Bank. It is one of the big four banks of India offers multinational banking and financial services. It has Revenue of 58,688 crores INR and Total assets of 7.75 lakh crores INR. Oriental Bank of Commerce and United Bank merger will merge into Punjab National Bank. Punjab National Bank, Oriental Bank of Commerce and United Bank of India will combine to become second-largest public bank in India.

#3. BOB (Bank of Baroda)

Bank of Baroda is a multinational Indian bank owned by Government of India and country’s third largest lender. The bank merge with Vijaya Bank and Dena Bank and become third largest bank in India . It has Revenue of 50,305 crores INR and Total assets of 7.2 lakh crores INR.


Canara Bank is Government of India and listed as one of the oldest public sector banks in India as well as one of the largest public sector Indian bank. It has Revenue of  54,269 crores INR and Total assets of 7.12 lakh crores INR. Canara Bank and Syndicate Bank will merge to become fourth largest PSB bank in India.

#5. UPI (Union Bank of India)

It stands for Union Bank of India. Union Bank of India will amalgamate with Andhra Bank and Corporation Bank – fifth-largest public sector bank of India.  It has Revenue of 32,198.8 crores INR and Total assets of 4.05 lakh crores INR.

#6. BOI (Bank of India)

Bank of India is one of the top 10 banks in India.The Bank of India has 5100 branches. It has Revenue of 46,268 crores INR and Total assets: 6.31 lakh crores INR.


Indian Bank is the seventh largest bank in the country, after the merger of Kolkata-based Allahabad Bank. The bank is owned the Government of India and a top performing banks in public sector. It has Revenue of 21,689.67 crores INR and Total assets: 4.03 lakh crores INR.

#8. CBI (Central Bank of India)

Central Bank of India is another oldest and one of the largest commercial banks in India and has a joint venture with Bank of India and Bank of Baroda. It has Revenue of 2,526.68 crores INR and Total assets: 3.26 lakh crores INR.

#9. IOB (Indian Overseas Bank)

it stands for Indian Overseas Bank. It has Revenue of 23,517.29 crores INR and Total assets: 2.74 lakh crores INR. It is a major public sector bank based in chennai, india, with about 3,400 domestic branches, about 6 foreign branches and representative office.

# 10. UCO BANK

UCO Bank is among the India’s most trusted brands, having offices spread all over India as well as couple of overseas branches. This bank along with Bank of Maharashtra and Punjab and Sind Bank will continue as separate entities. It has Revenue of 18,560.97 crores INR and Total assets: 2.45 lakh crores INR.

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