How to Download YouTube Videos without Any Software: A Complete Guide

YouTube is the world’s largest video-sharing platform. You can upload any video in it and can also watch the video for free. YouTube has many other features such that anyone can make money by uploading videos by creating their own channel in it. Many times on YouTube we like a video that we want to download on our mobile or computer but for this we do not show any option on YouTube. So let’s talk today about how to download any video from YouTube immediately..

How to Download YouTube Videos

There is no option to download direct videos from YouTube. When you play a video in YouTube, there is a download and save option under it, but it will only be saved in the YouTube app. Meaning that downloading from it will not save to your phone memory.  Here, I will tell you 2 ways through which you can download any video comfortably.

To download videos from YouTube, you have to take help of a third party app, website.  But don’t worry, they are very safe and this is the only way to download.

#1). Change URL and Download YouTube Video

To download any video of YouTube, you just have to change its link.  After this, Direct will take you to the download page of that video and can be downloaded by clicking here in the download button.  For this, you just have to add ss to the link of youtube video and see where to add it like –

YouTube’s URL is like this –

In this you just www. After the ss is to be placed in the middle of the URL, then the link will look like this –

If you open YouTube in mobile then the URL will be something like this

Where you have to put ss in the middle of the URL like this –

#2). How to Download YouTube from extensions

If you want to download in computer and use Google Chrome, then there are many chrome extensions for this. It has the best extensions for downloading YouTube videos.

download extensions from here >> Download

After installing it, you will see the option to download at the bottom of the YouTube video, in which you can easily download any video by clicking.

#3). YouTube Video Download through the app

If you want to download any YouTube video in your smartphone, there are many apps for this, where you can download YouTube videos by installing.  Apart from this, YouTube has an official app called YouTube Go. You can also download YouTube videos. These apps are available for beta users.  However, you can download it from Google Play Store.

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